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With pH 7.1 compatible with the baby’s lacrimal fluid which does not sting the eyes
Colour and parabens free
A baby bath wash that gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin without drying it or interfering with its normal pH levels while protecting the skin flora. Almond esters ensure the skin’s barrier is left intact, while chamomile extract offers anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory protection. Wheat proteins, which have emollient and moisturizing properties, protect the outer layer of the skin.

Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested

Came through as a finalist in the Best Baby Bath category at the Beauty Shortlist – Mama & Baby Awards 2017.

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Pack Size

300 ml


Pour a small amount of Baby Bath onto the baby and gently rub in. Rinse away with low pressure water from the tap or by hand using a cup.

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Action/Active Ingredients

Mild surfactants: Cleansing without irritation
Chamomile extract: Antiphlogistic and anti-irritant effect
Wheat proteins: Reinforcement of the hydrolipid film | Emollient and moisturizing properties
Almond esters: Relipidation of the skin | Maintenance of the skin barrier intact