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Does not contain any medication, parabens, colorants and preservatives
Gentle cream for pimples in neonatal, infant and child skin. Strengthens the self-defense of sensitive skin by enhancing the epidermal barrier. Also boosts skin’s natural antimicrobial peptides, reducing inflammation. The combination of selected herbal ingredients offers antibacterial, anti-sebum, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant action. It is especially formulated and adapted to the needs of infant and child skin.

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FrezyDerm Dermo-Cosmetics - Skin Care Products in Malta

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Pack Size

40 ml


Apply on the afflicted area 2-3 times per day. Avoid eye contact.

Suitable for

Babies and children until puberty

Action/Active Ingredients

Bakuchiol: Anti-acne action | Sebum-regulation
Melia extract | a-Bisabolol | Plant oils: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial action
Boldea extract: Activation of antimicrobial peptides β- defensins a-Glucan | Action against Malassezia | Restoration of skin’s natural flora