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Business Segments


The national healthcare system in Malta is extremely comprehensive, rendering the Maltese Government a lead customer in the fields of secondary and tertiary healthcare products and services.  All procurement is organised centrally through the Central Procurement Supplies Unit (CPSU) via public tenders.

Drugsales is one of the most active companies in this tendering activity and a prominent provider in this sector.

We have a fully dedicated Tender Handling Department with state-of-the-art IT Systems which manage our tendering activity and offer a full and customised service to our suppliers.

In addition to our office-based staff, our team of medical representatives are constantly in the field, researching customer requirements and promoting all that our supplier partners have to offer, in a most professional manner.

Acting as a focused team, we pride ourselves in being able to guide our suppliers and partners on product placement and pricing strategy to achieve success in this important field. This also allows us to support the local healthcare entities in their product and service requirements and to bring a higher level of healthcare to the island.

The local introduction of various innovative products and systems over the years make us proud of what we do and motivates us to do even more.

Specialised Areas

One of the areas Drugsales excels in is in the introduction and provision of specialized, or novel, therapeutic products or services. These niches of which there are several examples: home-based peritoneal dialysis, trans-cathetral heart-valve replacements, interventional radiology, the management of a full trauma orthopaedic system, and others, are extremely rewarding and a source of immense pride and satisfaction to the company as a whole and to all involved in the setting up and running of the initiative. They provide us with really tangible outcomes in terms of being partners in healthcare, and having an impact on patients’ lives.

Private Market Supply

Several privately-owned hospitals, clinics and pharmacies operate in Malta and play a very significant role in the provision of healthcare services on the island.

We have a strong relationship with all the main players on the market locally and supply them with the various products and services we offer.

Our strengths here lie in our excellent understanding of the market, the long-standing relationships with the various customers and healthcare professionals, our motivated and well-trained field forces and our second-to-none storage, warehousing and distribution facilities.

Consumer Healthcare

Our most recent business segment is proving to be a fast growing area for us at Drugsales. Our exciting range of products encompasses Baby Care, Sun Care, Dermo-cosmetics, First aid Kits, Oral and Dental Health and other Consumer Healthcare products.

While supporting a strong medical-oriented approach to the type of products we offer, we have also opened an online shop to increase direct accessibility to patients and consumers.

Warehousing and Logistics

We are currently finalizing our move to newly built, very spacious and modern offices located in a prime central area. This is really a gateway for further expansion and the pursuit of bigger opportunities.

Beside centralizing our offices, Drugsales is now able to offer third-party warehousing facilities at the same location. With an area of over 6000 m2 and a potential of over 5000 pallet spaces we would be one of the largest licensed facilities on the island, expanding the portfolio of services we are in a position to provide.

Our logistics infrastructure is one of the many of assets and competitive advantages that Drugsales Limited enjoys. The storage area is maintained at the highest standards of the latest European Good Distribution Practice, our stores personnel are highly trained and experienced, and our team of pharmacists ensure that the highest standards of GDP are applied to all aspects of the procurement and handling of pharmaceuticals. All products, including medical devices, are managed via the same quality system, in line with the new Medical Device Regulations.

We operate our own state-of-the-art customised electronic warehouse Stock Management System app. This allows us to be highly efficient, access individualised product and batch location within seconds, facilitates continuous real-time batch reconciliation and stock-taking, and places our warehousing service at a cut above the rest.

Drugsales also offer cold-storage facilities, and a fleet of delivery vehicles covering all areas of Malta and Gozo, delivering to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and also directly to patients.

Regulatory Services

The medical industry is one of the most highly regulated. This regulatory process also represents a key aspect in bringing products to market. It is not always straightforward and of course quite country-specific.

Our team of highly experienced pharmacists, and medical device regulatory personnel assist our principals in their regulatory requirements and act as the local liaison for all such requirements.

We also offer our regulatory services as an individual service.

We offer the following services, both to those partners we represent locally, as well as for customers needing a standalone regulatory service:

  • Advising on all aspects of Maltese regulatory affairs
  • Liaising between the MAH and MA
  • Maintaining the regulatory affairs of national products
  • Compilation and submissions of documentation to the competent authority (CA)
  • Licensing Applications
  • Translation of CP texts into Maltese
  • Medical Information
  • Literature Reviews
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Implementation of RMPs
  • RP Services
  • GDP consultation
  • Legalisation of Documents


Our team embraces trust and transparency as fundamental elements of our operations. We believe in operating fairly, for the primary benefit of patients and healthcare professionals, while ensuring a fair return for our partners and shareholders.

Our business ethics, honed over generations, are central to the way we do things, but we would love to hear from you if you think we could do things better.

Please click on THIS LINK to report any compliance concerns you may have. We will investigate and deal with any such concerns in a prompt manner, and we are grateful for your comments.

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