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Alcohol, propellant and parabens free
A mild cleansing foam that cleanses and nourishes baby’s skin. Gently cleanses, without irritation, and protects from external factors. Its moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients hydrate and calm sensitive and irritated skin.

The product foams on application, thanks to a special pump, meaning there is no need to rub it in, it can also be easily rinsed off with water or removed using a tissue, making it ideal for using on the go.

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FrezyDerm Dermo-Cosmetics - Skin Care Products in Malta

Additional information

Pack Size

150 ml


Push the pump and apply the rich foam onto the required area, remove with water or a tissue.

Suitable for

Topical cleansing without rinsing
Hand cleansing (school, play)
Patient cleaning (adult diapers)

Action/Active Ingredients

Mild surfactants: Efficient cleansing without irritation
Chamomile extract: Anti-inflammatory, soothing action
Wheat proteins: Reinforcement of the hydrolipid film | Minimize the damaging effects from external factors
Hydrating, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients: Healing and anti-irritant effect