FREZYDERM Colic Relief Massage Gel


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Medications, parabens, colorants and preservatives free
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Anhydrous gel that helps to soothe babies suffering from colic. With a diligently chosen combination of glycerin and emollient almond oils, calendula and chamomile, it creates a gentle moisturizing film that, combined with a mild massage on the belly of the baby, reinforces the effect of the simple friction for faster relief. It increases the topical temperature of the skin up to relieve pain without affecting the microcirculation of blood.

Proper for homeopathy

Won the Platinum Award inthe Gold Award in the Best Children’s Remedy category in Loved by Parents Awards 2017.

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Pack Size

100 ml


Apply the Colic Relief Gel to the baby’s belly. Gently stroke your palm down 5-6 times. Bend the baby’s knees up to their chest for a few seconds to relieve any gases and continue with a gentle clockwise massage. Repeat the above steps as many times as needed.

Extra tip
Massage is recommended at times when the baby is calm.

Suitable for

Babies from birth

Action/Active Ingredients

Emollient oils of Almond, Calendula and Chamomile: Immediate relief

These oils are of high molecular weight and embedded in glycerol to prevent absorption and minimize the possibility of contact allergy