FREZYDERM Crilen After Nip


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A soothing gel that provides immediate relief from the irritation and pain caused by insect bites, jelly fish stings, and stinging nettles. The gel’s active herbal ingredients provide anti-inflammatory protection and immediately soothe irritation. It is safe to be used on babies from the first year of life and does not contain ammonia, camphor or menthol. Furthermore, it can be easily applied during the day as it does not react with light.

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Pack Size

30 ml


Apply to the affected area immediately after the bite.

Suitable for

Babies, children, adults
Relief of the irritated skin from insect bites and contact with jellyfish, nettles etc.

Action/Active Ingredients

Glycyrrhetinic Acid | Panthenol | Polydocanol: Anti-irritant, calming